Monday, November 4, 2013

Are you ready to Give One and Save One?

This week Give One Save One is featuring our family!!  We applied to be a featured family back in early summer, but then we encountered some set backs in our adoption timeline.  Now, our turn has finally arrived, and we couldn't be more excited!

G1S1 is a blog that helps adoptive families raise money for adoption expenses by enlisting everyone to give just ONE DOLLAR.  Almost anyone can spare a dollar, and when they are all directed toward one cause, dollars can really add up to make a great impact!

If you are just coming to our blog for the first time, first, please watch our G1S1 video.  The theme of our video is HOME.  We desire to give our daughter a home and a forever family.  We tried to make our video represent "home" as best we could.  The best part is at the end!!

Then, please consider donating ONE dollar (or more) through You Caring to help us bring Ivelina home!


This fundraiser has extra impact for us - - Every dollar you give is being DOUBLED through our matching grant from Brittany's Hope!!

If you are not familiar with our adoption journey, here is where we are in the process:
  • Our Dossier was reviewed for the first time back in early September.
  • The review committee asked us to change some of the wording in our home study, so regretfully, we had to back-track for over a month.
  • We updated our home study and our immigration approval notice
  • Just last week, we sent all updated and reworded documents back to Bulgaria for a second try at a referral.
  • We hope to get our referral for Ivelina THIS month! 



  1. Your video is magnificent. Made me cry.

  2. Thanks Viviane! We worked hard on it and had a lot of fun with it =)


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