Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day Two of G1S1 fundraising: Getting to know the Moorhouses

This post is part of a series for our fundraising week at Give One Save One.  If you haven't checked out our video and given your dollar yet, please check it out HERE!!

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As we raise money this week through Give One Save One and our You Caring site, we know some new folks will be visiting our blog, so we thought you'd like to get to know us a little better:


Statement: Hey, I'm Jeremy and I would like to say thanks for checking out our adoption blog! We are in the process of adopting a little girl from Bulgaria and cannot wait to bring her to our home. I am married to the beautiful young lady who runs this blog and we have a knucklehead of a dog, featured below.

Age: 33

Profession: Copy Editor
School: Appalachian University + Southeastern Seminary

Favorite thing about his wife: Beautiful, intelligent, and just her heart for the Lord

Favorite food: Steak, baked potato, corn on the cob and Caesar salad.... on Monday after a long day at school there is nothing quite like a pizza

Dream vacation: The Pacific northwest, also the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone....possibly on a motorcycle : )

Team(s): Florida State!

Secret talent: Not to brag but I'm pretty good at pancakes....Shelly likes them .... I hope Ivelina will also!

Favorite way to spend a beautiful day: Hiking, tennis, basketball, working in the yard

Favorite article of clothing: Appalachian State sweatshirt (Shelly hates it...haha)

Future aspirations: Serving the Lord through missions, maybe church planting (still working out the details)
Favorite Bible Verse: First one that came to mind ... 1 John 4:4

Thing I'm most looking forward to about being a tate (dad): Sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our first child.


Statement:  I am Shelly, the primary contributor to this blog, wife of Jeremy, future mom to Ivelina, teacher, cook, seminary student, and owner of Miss Josey featured below!
Age:  knocking on 30 (this Feb!!)
Profession:  Part-time developmental English/Reading teacher + tutor
School:  UNC-Greensboro + Southeastern Seminary
Favorite thing about her husband:  His dashing good looks... oh, and just how he loves me and is my best friend every day through the glorious and the mundane
Favorite Meal:  pintos and cornbread  (for real y'all)
Dream Vacation:  we've already been on some great ones, but I'd have to say I'd still like to take a tour of all the major national parks out West (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Tetons, etc)
Team(s):  don't care... I usually read while the game is on
Secret Talent: I'm really good at finding awesome parking places and I make a mean Thai stir fry
Favorite way to spend a beautiful day: playing tennis or going on a long walk
Favorite Article of Clothing: my Ashley Judd jeans...no jeans fit me like her brand.  So sad I can't find them anymore.  Also, my scarf made out of socks!
Future aspirations:  to be a mom really, to home school, to work in Christian missions in some capacity
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Cor. 10:31

Thing I am most looking forward to about being a mama:  oh gosh, where to begin!!  Watching Ivelina see and do things for the very first time.  That's got to be exciting!  Teaching her about the Lord! Bedtime stories, Christmas morning, VBS, you name it, I'm looking forward to all of those "firsts". 


Statement:  I'm the dog of the house.  I'm spoiled.  I look mean, but I'm just a chicken on the inside.  I am attached to both of my owners, but my favorite one is Jeremy!
Age: 7
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Profession:  guard of the house and keeper of my dog bed
School:  PetSmart Training School grad 2007
Favorite thing about her owners:  when they give me any kind of attention and especially when they take me on outings
Favorite Meal:  My Science Diet is ok, but I really love it when they cook pancakes, eggs, and grits and give me a little sample! I like licking out the empty peanut butter jars too!
Dream Vacation:  oh to go to a squirrel park where I could chase those little guys all day long.  A cat farm would be pretty fun too!
Secret Talent:  locating a Kleenex in my mom's purse within .1 seconds and eating it before she can ever get to me to take it away
Favorite way to spend a beautiful day:  long walks with my family. I also like wrestling with Jeremy and going hiking and "swimming"
Favorite Article of Clothing:  I am anti-clothing but I love my warm blanket
Future Aspirations:  to one day break out of my kennel, and to finally catch that oppossum that I see in my yard sometimes
Dislikes:  baths, the kennel, cold wind, bikes, the vacuum cleaner, the suitcases, the vet, and when Shelly & Jeremy have to go to work  =(
Thing I am most looking forward to about having a little girl in the house:  I will always have someone to play with and I'll have some new toys to steal  ;)

Thanks for reading!  Remember to visit our fundraiser, watch our video, and support us with your dollar.  Every dollar is being matched!!

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  1. I found you blog yesterday. I'm also adopting from Bulgaria and still waiting to be matched with my little angel (boy or girl?).
    Just wondering how your sock scarf looks and how you made it. I love crafting and DIYs.
    Sara in Sweden


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