Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Winter Adventures

Yes, spring has sprung here in NC, but, alas, I am just now blogging about winter.

We waited and waited for some snow around here. Ivelina got new snow boots, new snow mittens, a new sled, and some nice hand-me-down snow bibs for Christmas, and I really wanted her to get a chance to use them. It finally snowed on February 17th, my 31st birthday.

Being from northern Bulgaria, Ivelina has seen a lot of snow, but she has told us that she has never gotten to play in it. This is understandable I suppose. It would be difficult for the orphanages to keep winter snow gear in the correct sizes for so many kiddos.

I was hopeful that this would be the year when she finally got to enjoy the snow like a normal kid. This first snow was only about 3-4 inches.  To any northerners reading this, I know, I know... 3-4 inches is nothing but she loved it! It was 3-4 inches of dry powder with a slight layer of sleet on top making it the best sledding snow!  We actually sledded down our road mostly. There were no cars out and it was super fast sledding!

watching the first flakes fall

She couldn't wait to get out there and play

For some reason, the kid LOVES overalls. She was thrilled with these bibs!

Her first little taste.

Daddy daughter snow fun

Me and Ivelina going for a ride. It really was a blast!

Going solo

Just a week later, we got another snow. This time it was 5-6 inches, but it was super wet and slushy. It melted much quicker too. We got in some good sledding in the morning and by lunch time, the roads had completely melted in the sun. 

We met some of our neighborhood friends and invited a few other kids to sled together. We had six little girls sledding together. It was a great time to meet new friends in the neighborhood. I did not snap any photos of our girls sledding day, but I did get some shots of Ivie's first snowman. This snow was sticky and great for packing and building.

Snowman #1   Needed some guidance on this one.

Snowman #2   She made this one all by herself.

The snow was fun, but I'm glad it's gone. We are currently enjoyed sidewalk chalk, tricycles, trampoline, and wagon rides outdoors. I love living in a place where the seasons change! 

Happy spring, everyone!


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  1. Too cute! I'm glad she finally got some snow to play in. It looks like you guys are having a blast with parenthood. I enjoy reading your post and think of you and Jeremy often.


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