Friday, March 27, 2015

Home Schooling in March

Recently, Ivelina has learned letters U, K, and R from the Letter of the Week curriculum. It is hard to believe that she only has 4 letters left!  In April, we are taking a small break from our normal curriculum to study farms and farm animals. Ivelina loves farm animals, so I'm looking forward to that unit.

Here is a recap of what we have learned in recent weeks.

Letter K - The theme was "kite," and Ivie had a lot of fun making these color matching kites. They are still decorating our pantry doors.

One day we took a trip to the park to fly Ivie's new kite. It was a beautiful, windy Spring day!
This is Ivelina and Jeremy watching her shark kite as it soared in the air.

Our little cheap dollar store kite tore after a few flights, but it was still fun chasing it around.

Flying kites is fun, but Ivelina's favorite park activity is swinging!

Letter R - The theme for letter R was rainbow, and we had a fun week of letter R activities. Pinterest is full of rainbow ideas. I pinned like 20 and only tried a few though.

I found a site a few weeks ago where I can print little printable letter books, and we have been doing one every week. They give Ivelina practice cutting, coloring, tracing the letter, and copying words. Because there is only one picture and one word on each page, she can actually "read" the book by herself. 

I used to do this little craft with tissue paper all the time when I was little. Ya know....wrapping small squares of tissue around a pencil head and sticking it in glue. I remember months ago when we first tried this out, she really struggled with the required fine motor skills and needed lots of help. Now, however, Ivie can do this craft independently! It always turns out so pretty!

One Pinterest idea we tried--- Every day we looked through magazines and cut out pictures of things that are each color of the rainbow. Then she glued the photos to matching rainbow colored paper. By the end of the week, she had completed a rainbow of colors. We also read the book A Rainbow All Around Me by Sandra L. Pinkney to jump start this project.
This was our favorite activity of the week (another Pinterest find). We made a 3D rainbow on our kitchen floor with items we found throughout our house. It was totally fun!  I actually did not think she would be able to find enough yellow things, but surprisingly we found plenty of items to fill every stripe. She thought it was hilarious to include her bath toys and the leftover pizza from the fridge.

We do this letter matching activity every other week. I keep a set of sticky notes with the capital letters she has learned. I write the lower case letters on our white board, and Ivelina matches them up. She does really well with this activity.

Next week is Spring Break for the Moorhouse Home School, and boy are we all looking forward to that!

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