Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Name Day 2015!

There is a popular Bulgarian tradition called Name Day. Each Bulgarian name has a specific day on which all people with that name are celebrated. The family may throw a party for the person on his name day, he may get gifts, and have cake, just like the way we celebrate birthdays here in the U.S.

Today, January 7, is name day for people with the names Ivan, Ivaylo, Ivanka, Vanio, Vania, Encho, Enio, Zhan, Zhana, Ivayla, Ivelin, Ivelina, Ivet, Ivo, Yoan, Ioan, Ioana, Yonka, Yonko, Yoncho, Yoto, Kaloyan, Kaloian. All these names are derived from the name of Saint John (Ivan). The Eastern Orthodox call this day John's Day, or Ivan's Day. Ivelina celebrates her name on this day too!

We chose to keep this fun Bulgarian tradition alive in our family. This is most likely a celebration that children in the orphanages did not get to celebrate, but I told Ivelina that in her country where she was born many families do celebrate Name Day, so we will continue to celebrate here as well.

During school this morning, Ivelina did a whole bunch of name activities. She kept saying "Ivelina Moorhouse Name Day" all morning long.

Then, she helped Jeremy bake a Name Day cake. I let her choose the type of cake and the type of icing she wanted at the store. Then, we wrote a big "I" on the cake for Ivelina!

She made a good choice: chocolate cake with chocolate icing. She was giddy when it was time to eat the cake!

It was a fun day to celebrate Miss Ivelina Anne Moorhouse. If you would like to read more about her name, here is a link to a old post about her name. Also, here are a few links about Bulgarian Name Day:   Only in Bulgaria    Another link here    Bulgarian Namedays

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