Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things I'm Getting Used to

As a first-time mom for one month now,  I'm getting used to:

always having a blob of pink toothpaste in my bathroom sink.

the green crayon marks on my kitchen floor.

a gazillion girly flip flops strewn about my house. (How can an 8 yr. old who has only been home for one month have more shoes than me anyway?)

the booster in my back seat and the fact that my passenger seat will forever have dirt on the back of it from her propping her feet up there as she rides. 

tip-toeing around my house and putting everything on silent after 8:30 pm every night.

doing laundry. Every. Single. Day. How can one extra person multiply our laundry like this?

never getting to listen to K-Love anymore in the car because we are listening to Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho on repeat (her favorite song).

reading Richard Scary's Word Book. Every. Single. Night. Good thing I love that book!

reviewing our daily schedule over and over and over multiple times a day. And tomorrow's schedule too.  The girl likes to know what's going on and what will and will not happen next!

watching her fall asleep with her quilt all tucked up around her like a mummy and her thumb in her mouth.

her hugs and her European kisses (one on each cheek).... all while she still has a mouth full of food.

waking up to her be-boppin' around our bedroom

sitting up late on the couch with Jeremy talking and laughing about all things Ivie. She has invaded our conversation and our lives, and she's all we talk about!  We love it!

I'm getting a little more used to this mom thing these days.

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