Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Weekend - Ivelina Style

It wasn't the typical 4th of July weekend for us, but it was a wonderful weekend anyway. 

We did not take Ivelina to a fireworks display this year, nor did we go to a family cookout like we usually do. Truthfully, we had kind of a rough week leading up to the 4th full of regression and behavior issues with Ivie, and we decided staying close to home and keeping everything low-key would be best. 

So here is our weekend in pictures!  Basically, it was play, play, play!

Much time was spent with the baby dolls. Here the baby is sick and is crying.

Yes, this baby cry sounds as authentic as it looks.

The baby got so sick he had to go to the hospital...on top of the ambulance. Ivelina has started saying "very sick" now.

Taty's shirt makes a great doctor's coat. My favorite photo of Ivie so far! 

Ivie's greatest strength is her creativity. Please notice that her baby's cradle has now become a stretcher, and yes, she calls it a "stet-cha". The shoe lace around the cradle is a strap to hold the baby in place (her idea). Mowing masks make great oxygen masks. Also, our little Bulgarian who has only been home for three weeks also uses the word "saline." Please note the Ziploc bag + yarn hanging in the background. The baby had an IV going. Poor baby...she's really in bad shape.

Taty was home a lot this weekend, so there was a lot of wild play with Taty both at home and at the park!

The old trike broke, but my dad found this little gem at a yard sale.  Ivie loves riding it up and down the street.

We also finally found a park that Ivelina loves (no photos...sorry). We had visited two playgrounds in our area, but something happened at both parks to make Ivie dislike them. 1.) the equipment was wet, and she does not tolerate getting her clothes or hands dirty. 2.) She got bit by an ant. I didn't think we'd ever be able to get her to like a park again. But, this weekend we visited a park in a nearby town, and she loved it. First, it has a seesaw. She rode the seesaw for a long time...I think she likes the rocking motion. The playground is also bigger with lots of other children she can observe stare at. She is fascinated by other children and babies, but she does not engage in play with them. I did get her to ride the seesaw with another little girl, but it was short-lived. 

Also, this park has a bath house, and I was super proud of Ivelina for using the public restroom and trying out the hand dryer. Ever since going to the 100% automatic bathrooms at the US Embassy in Bulgaria, our girl is terrified of public restrooms.  

My favorite thing Ivelina does is dance. Sometimes she'll be playing and all of a sudden a song will come on that she likes and she will break out in song and dance. It's the cutest thing!


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