Saturday, June 28, 2014

first hurts @ home


Yes, it has been a loong time since I blogged. Something about adding an eight year old to the family made blogging a little less of a priority for a while. Hopefully, I will get around to backtracking and writing about our pick up trip and the first week home, but for now, here is the cutest photo of Jeremy and Ivelina. Our next door neighbor had a few extra outdoor toys and gave us this little trike for Ivie to play with. Everyday, we take a walk around the block and she points out all the toys in each yard. (Sometimes she runs into said yard to play with the toys b/c she doesn't understand yet what is hers and what is not.) Thus, she was delighted with this gift! 

Everyday she rides we push the trike up and down the street. This morning she took a little fall off the trike and got her first real boli (hurt) since being home. I was curious about her reaction to really getting hurt. She sometimes expresses her emotions in opposite ways. For example, we've seen her bang into something pretty hard and just giggle about it. She's doing this less and less, and today I was pleasantly surprised that she actually cried when she scraped her knee and elbow. She left the trike for Taty to carry home, and she walked to me with little tears on her cheek. 

I took her to the bathroom and made a real big deal about the boli. I gave her the full medical treatment: peroxide, cool cloth, & Band-aids with Neosporin. She called me Chichoo Doctor, which literally means "man doctor."  lol.  Yeah.

Tonight after bath time and an application of new bandages, we were sitting on the couch trying to read through an alphabet book, but not much reading was getting accomplished.

Conversation Translated:

Ivie: "ow...this hurts here." (pointing to knee)
Me: "Yes, Ivelina got hurt today"
Ivie:  "Ivelina was driving and then fell" (imitating how she was steering and then toppled to the right) Then she puts her hand to her forehead in a dramatic fashion "whew...ouch...Ivelina cried"
Me: "Yes, Ivelina cried"
Ivie:  "Slow, slooow, be careful. Gently. Don't do that, bicycle! Don't hurt Ivelina!"
Me: "Yes, you need to go slow down the hill"
Ivelina: looking like she's gonna start crying again, "Ohh...I don't want to drive the bicycle tomorrow." Scrunching her nose up and shaking her head no.
Me: "Okay"
Ivelina: "Give me a hug"
Me: "awww....sweet girl. Hug!" 
Ivelina: "Doctor, ambulance, whheee-ooo wheee-ooo, whee-ooo. Mama Doctor, bandage, medicine"
Me: "I don't think you need an ambulance."
Ivelina: "ohhh, give me a hug!"  *hug*
Ivelina: "Mama, cereal tomorrow for breakfast?  Peanuts tomorrow?"
Me: "yes, cereal and peanuts tomorrow"

What sweet moments right before bedtime. I'm sure she will dream about trikes and ambulances tonight....and maybe cereal and peanuts too!


  1. I love it!

    It's so big when the children start expressing their physical pain and reaching to you for help. Emilia used to just fall silent when hurt, like all the noise had been knocked out of her with the injury, but that was a long time ago. She has moved through several stages since then with the dramatizing of even minor injuries being the most recent one. Then yesterday at the playground, she tripped over a curb and scraped her knee and looked at Craig and said, "Hurt knee." New level... yeah!

  2. Yes, Viviane. Ivelina has been talking about her "boli's" for days now. She shows every stranger her Band-Aids. She is quite dramatic and likes to relive how she fell off the trike. When we go past that spot on the road, she points to the exact spot where she fell and got scraped. lol! It'll be interesting to see the different stages in her too. =)


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