Monday, May 5, 2014

Potential Travel Dates!

Hopefully at the end of this week, we will receive confirmed travel dates.

However, for the past week, we have known of tentative travel dates.  

If those dates pan out, one month from today will be our GOTCHA DAY!  I can't even believe I am typing that.  I thought this date would be before last Christmas.  Then, I thought it would be in May.  Now, it looks like sometime in June.  That's ok with me.  We are very happy and excitedly awaiting our pick-up trip.

We did pass court and officially became Ivelina's parents on April 25, 2014, which means I can post our first family photo for all to see.

This cutie is ours, and we can't wait to go bring her home and get this thing called parenting started!

Things have been really busy and stressful around our house for the previous two weeks, but things are calming down as our 6th semester of seminary work is coming to a close. This means it is time for nesting. I have so many little projects I want to complete around our house before Ivelina's arrival.  I plan to blog more about those later this week. 

I'll leave you all with my favorite photo of Ivelina, taken on our meet-ya trip:

She loved lip gloss!

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