Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lovin' it in Bulgaria =)

Well, we made it to our apartment in Bulgaria.  

It's adorable. 

We are exhausted because neither of us can sleep on planes, no matter how long the flight.  We have explored the Sofia city center a little bit this afternoon and grabbed some "vecheria" (dinner). 

Yeah, Jeremy is like the only man here wearing a baseball cap.. Ha!

Now, it's time to bathe and go to bed early.  Saturday night and Sunday morning just kinda vanished before our eyes and we never got any sleep, so we have to make up for it tonight.

Tomorrow's the big day!  We meet Ivelina!  This is what we've been looking forward to for so long, and it's surreal to think that tomorrow it's really happening.  We were told it'll take us about a 4-5 hour drive tomorrow morning to get to her region. The roads are not great in her area we've been told as well.  I'm not not really looking forward to being stuck in the car for so long, but I am looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful Bulgarian countryside!

Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Glad you made it safely to Bulgaria! Nice apartment!


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