Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Just a quick adoption update:  today we received our long-awaited NBC approval letter from USCIS!!  We were so thrilled!  We immediately got that thing notarized and sent off for an apostille.  Now we wait.... 

For the first time in our adoption process, we are not waiting on ourselves or for funds to come in or even for an American entity.  Now we are waiting on another country.  Adoption seems like 90% waiting, but I'm wondering if this type of waiting will be better or worse. Ha!  It's probably all the same....excruciating!

Our completed Dossier, except for this NBC approval letter, has been in Bulgaria for a few months now and has been translated.  Once this final puzzle piece is added, Bulgaria will have what they need to match us with Ivelina officially.  We know the earliest this will happen is September because the Bulgarian government takes holiday in the month of August.  Oh, what a sweet day it'll be to know that we have that official referral!

I am praying for no unforeseen hold ups and that this document arrives safely in Bulgaria this month.  I also pray that we can be matched as early as possible in September, but you never can tell how fast (or slow) these things will go.  I am just so happy to be over the NBC hump and onto a new phase of waiting!

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