Thursday, March 14, 2013

You might be adopting if...

Just for Fun:
  • The notary ladies at the bank run when they see you coming with your stack of papers
  •  The Fed Ex workers know you by name
  • You hear a song on the radio and think, "This would be a great song to set our gotcha video to one day."
  • You pass by a pretty park or building and think, "That would be a great spot for an adoption photo shoot once we bring him or her home."
  • You literally watch for the mailman everyday hoping for your criminal background reports (or insert other official document here) to show up.
  • When you pray over your meal, you automatically wonder what your child is having for dinner that night, and you find yourself praying over that meal as well.
  • Also when having your meal, you can't help but imagine one more filled chair pulled up to the table.
  • You get excited about coffee dates with your social worker!
  • At-home date night = online adoption education modules!
  • Literally every craft you see becomes something you think you could make and sell to raise money for the adoption.
  • Donations of anything --money, time, fundraising help, auction items, whatever!-- are like soothing balm to your soul.
  • You never knew what apostilles were, but now you're willing to drive 2.5 hours away to the state capitol to get them.
  • You take photos of your spouse being fingerprinted at the police department. (and, no, he's not being arrested)
  • Instead of singing along to pop and country music in your car, you listen to your foreign language CD reciting common phrases for kids. 
  • Encouraging blog comments make you smile because you know you're not in this alone.
  • You see an obvious adoptive family out in public and you have to resist the urge to grab them so you can have an adoption chat.
  • You're saving your vacation days this year just in case you get travel dates.
  • You're taking Bulgarian dishes to your family Easter gatherings this year.

Rila National Forest, Bulgaria

 Spring is just around the corner.  I have read the Bulgarian springs are beautiful!  Wish I was going there myself this spring.  Here's a little update on us:

  1. We are wrapping up our home study.  Only one more meeting next week, and we're still waiting on those darn criminal background reports to come in.
  2. We have a BIG fundraiser planned for mid-April at our church.  Excited, but fundraisers are a lot of work and can be stressful as well.
  3. Dossier paperwork is the next big step.  We have quite a bit of paperwork to prepare and whole lotta money to come up with by the end of April.
Prayer Needs:
  • Will you pray that our background reports come soon?
  • Will you pray for an auctioneer and some folks to share testimonies at our upcoming fundraiser? 
  • Will you pray for time and God's speed in getting our Dossier documents prepared?
  • Will you lift up our next financial goal of $5,700? I know God can move this mountain.
  • Also, will you pray for one little unspoken prayer that maybe we can share more about later?
Thanks for reading and praying,
~ Shelly


  1. Praying for you guys and asking God how I can help you! You AREN'T in this alone :) Can't wait to meet the child God has perfectly picked out for your family!!

    1. Aww, thanks Elizabeth! Can't wait to see you and meet your little ones soon!

  2. Loved this blog post! Made me smile! Totally know about most of these! Why do finger prints have to take so long!

  3. So true. I've been stalking the mailman every day this week waiting for our I800a approval. :)


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