Thursday, February 21, 2013


We're a bit late in doing this, but I'm happy to say that we were fingerprinted today!

This was a first experience for both of us. We actually need these fingerprints so that we can get criminal background checks from the FBI.  Gotta make sure we aren't a couple of criminals, ya know! 

We got our prints done at our local police station.

Here we are all inked up after the process.  

These criminal record requests and fingerprints are getting shipped off to the FBI tomorrow.  Please pray for a speedy return!  There is a range in how long it takes to get reports back.  I'm hoping for the low end of that range: two weeks.  Fingers crossed that the prints are good and they run our reports quickly!

The home study is almost finished!  Two more meetings with our social worker, a medical exam next week, and a couple more online education courses to go!

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