Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trains or dresses?

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This past weekend, my sister gave me lots of kids stuff.  I have a niece and a nephew, so she has things from both of their childhoods.  It was so much fun going through all the stuff she gave us.  I told Jeremy that I know we're a long way off from this, but I am gonna LOVE shopping for kids stuff.  The challenge right now is that we have no idea what to imagine.  When you are pregnant or even adopting an infant, you may not know the gender, but at least you know to imagine yourself holding a baby.  Because we have left the age range of our son or daughter open from 0-7 and did not specify a gender, we have no clue what to expect!  Will we be chasing after a little toddler, teaching a seven year old English, holding a baby, playing with trucks or playing with dolls?  Kinda fun and exciting, but the curiosity is going to drive me nuts over the next year or so!  

My favorite things I found in the stuff she gave us were some a-dorable corduroy dresses with little matching long-sleeve undershirts, perfect for a 5-7 year old.  Also, I loved the Thomas the Tank wooden rocking chair!  So, in our future child's closet there is a cute train rocker and four cutie little dresses.   Which one will we need??  We won't know for quite some time!

In addition, we also scored a beautiful gender-neutral wooden toy chest and a nice white bookshelf.  I am so excited to have some kid stuff in this house.  Our dog really doesn't know what to think about toys that beep, buzz, and flash.  This is new for her too!  By the way, here she is sleeping with her favorite squeaky ring.

She's been an "only child" her whole life.  What will she think of our addition?

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