Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gold Party

Friday night was a lot of fun.  We had our Gold Party at a friend's house to help raise a few more funds for Sudan.  It was lots of fun hanging out, looking at everyone's jewelry, and eating of course!  Jill was our gold consultant, and she did a fabulous job.  Some people were very surprised at how much their gold was worth, and others of us were shocked when things we thought were gold really weren't gold at all.  [All you SWR peeps who bought Jostens "white gold" class rings like I did may be surprised to find out that they're not really solid white gold.]  Anyway, we raised  $343and everyone got to leave with a little extra spending money.  If you're thinking of having a fundraiser, this could be a good one.  If anyone wants to know how to contact Jill to have your own party, just leave a comment and I can get you her info.  Here's a few pics:

Here is Jill hard at work.  The jewelry has to pass a magnet test then an acid test.  It's kinda like a little science experiment.

Our yummy spread of snacks!

Thanks so much to everyone who came by or sent your gold with someone.  We really appreciate your participation!

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