Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let the Training Begin...

Alright!   Jeremy and I got our first email containing some significant information about Sudan.  Our training sessions will all be done over Skype- - how cool is that? Our Sudan team is made up of students from Texas, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Ohio, so Skype is about the only way we could do it.  Our leader has decided to have the training sessions on Sunday nights which is a huge God-thing because that's the only night of the week Jeremy and I are consistently available anyway!   So, I will definitely be doing a blog post after each of our training sessions.  Our first one is on March 4th.  Our informational email had lots of little FAQs about the trip but I found this one particularly interesting:  we will actually be staying in UGANDA!  We'll be staying at the home compound of a believer named David who lives right over the Ugandan border.  Limited electricity, misquitoe nets over the beds and all! 

Our first installment for the trip is due March 14th.  Although we have a couple of fundraisers lined up for later in the Spring, any donations that you feel led to make are greatly appreciated.  It's easy to give through our DONATE button over on the right side-bar.  Thanks and God bless!

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