Friday, August 7, 2015

I am moving!

.... not to a new house or a new town.  

My blog is moving over to Word Press!! 

I have been looking for a change in my blogging. I have thought just stopping altogether. I took the summer off from blogging, but I do enjoy it so much. I love reading back over my little digital diary, and I love the art of writing for fun! I just don't want to stop writing. Moorhouses on Mission has served me well during our season of mission trips, raising money for adoption, and posting post-adoption updates for Ivie's first year home. Now, we are still a family trying to fulfill our God-given mission here on earth, but I feel our season has changed.  I am much more in a parenting, home-schooling season. Thus, I have been wanting to change the look, feel, content, and purpose of my blog. I have also secretly wanted to try Word Press for a while now. It has proven to be a bit more complicated to use, but I think once I get the hang of the new interface, I will be happy with it.

So this is my final post on Moorhouses On Mission. I am no expert in anything, and I certainly am not the best blogger out there, but I appreciate each and every one who has read along, supported this blog, and left comments.  PLEASE, if you have followed our journey here, please come visit my new blog space at 

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