Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Makeover Your Mornings Part 2 (Change is on the horizon)

I am blogging a series about a two week online course I am taking called Makeover Your Mornings. If you would like to read my other posts on this course, click here for Part One.

Lesson 4: I got into bed a bit after my set bedtime last night, but I still woke up closer to my wake up time. Yay! I actually woke up excited to do yoga. I used to do it in college and when we had a Y membership, but I haven't done this type of exercise in a while. I dusted off the old yoga mat and turned on some soft ocean music and just did my own set of stretches and poses. It felt good, especially after my little jog yesterday (I was a bit sore/stiff). Being able to get in a little bit of fun exercise and having time to prepare a healthy breakfast are two of my incentives for making over my morning. I just have to share an idea I found for overnight oatmeal in a jar. I got a little too excited about oatmeal when I watched this video. I tried it this morning, and it truly was quick and easy + my 9 year old loved it cold! Enjoy!

Lesson 5: It was Saturday today, and I did get up pretty early so that I could walk the neighborhood this morning befor breakfast. That first part of the early summer morning really does feel lovely. I don't know what I'll do when the weather turns cold and I have to move all my exercise indoors. Today, I started writing down some big goals I have for myself, and I got my husband's input on some areas as well. Breaking these goals down into smaller steps will probably take me a few days.

Lesson 6:  I continued working on breaking down my goals today. My areas where I have set goals for myself are My wellness, My marriage, Ivelina, Home Schooling, and Finances. I have a few goals for each area that I am breaking down into smaller monthly steps.  I don't really enjoy goal setting, so I am trying to make my first set of goals really doable and simple.I'm most excited about my goal for our marriage: plan one date per month (without Ivelina). We are just getting to the point where she has been home for a year and we feel comfortable letting her stay with other people for a while. In fact, this week, she will begin staying with a friend during the mornings while I am at work. Additionally, this coming weekend, Ivelina will have her first overnight experience away from home. She will be staying with her grandpa, and Jeremy and I are planning a date!  Quality time is my love language, so I am stoked about some time with just him!

Lesson 7: I got up a bit later than I was supposed to today, but I still did my entire morning routine and had Ivelina ready by 7:45 a.m.  Tomorrow, when it is a work day for all of us, I will need to get us all out the door by 7:20 a.m. Today's lesson was about having an accountability partner to hold me to my goals that I am setting for myself. My husband can be one of these people, and I already have one friend who is sort of an accountability partner for me in some areas of my life. I'm hoping between the two of them, I can stick to most of my goals!

The thing I am loving the most so far about my changes to my mornings is the extra time I have to walk/jog in my neighborhood by myself in the quiet of the morning. It allows me time to think and pray over my day. I return home and have some time to read my Bible. It has been refreshingly better than rolling out of bed to a child that is already awake and immediately taking care of her before I have even been to the bathroom! Let the makeover continue!

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