Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter S - first letter of the year

We only took about a one week break from home school for the Christmas holiday. I felt we needed to jump right back into academics so that Ivelina could keep up her learning momentum. We ended up spending two weeks on review, Letter S, and our second round of assessments. 

The theme for Letter S from the Letter of the Week curriculum was snowman.

We began by watching Frozen.  Ivelina loved it!
This girl loves to paint!  I taped off a giant snowflake on canvas and let her go with all sorts of cool winter colors. The finished product turned out very pretty. I want to frame it!

We got some great non-fiction books about snow from the library. For her letter collage this week, we glued on fake snow on her S's. 

Ivelina completed her pattern block Letter S puzzles.

We have this number poster I made by drawing 10 squares and drawing dots in the squares. We use it for all sorts of simple number activities. I thought of this silly idea that Ivie could do. She used kitchen tongs to count out cotton balls, or snowballs, onto the poster. 

First she chose a number card from our LOTW stuff. Then she had to match it to the square with the corresponding number of dots. The last step was to count out that same number of snowballs. Lots and lots of one-to-one correspondence going on!

I had this print out of bunches of little snowmen, so one day Ivelina colored the snowmen (practicing her coloring skills) and she cut them out (practicing her scissor skills). Then, we spent a long while sorting the snowmen in different ways. Finally we read Snowmen at Night and used black paper, chalk, and the snowmen to create a night scene.

Here is the finished product!
Wow! I just had to share one picture of an assessment. It may seem boring, but this writing assessment was her weakest back in October. In January, though, as you can see, she was able to form many of the letters we have learned in school. Some still need work, but I was ecstatic at how many of these she could write without help and without tracing. Amazing!

That's a little re-cap of our Letter S week. If only it would have snowed during these two weeks, it would have been perfect! 

On a side-note, we have been really pleased with our LOTW curriculum. If anyone os adopting a child similar in age and ability to Miss Ivelina, I would highly recommend it. It is on the perfect level for her. Of course, I supplement with all kinds of other lessons and activities, but LOTW provides a nice base of number and letter activities for us to build our homeschool week around. 

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