Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our October in Photos

October is my favorite month.

I love when the weather turns cool and crisp.

I love it when the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow. I even like raking them up!

I love October because Jeremy and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in this month.

I also love Halloween!  Not so much the creepy decor, but I loved dressing up and trick-or-treating when I was younger. I love making Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin related desserts. Now that we have Ivelina in our family, October is even more enjoyable.

Here is our October in photos:

After Ivelina's bedtime, we went out alone for the first time in 4 months to celebrate our anniversary! We ate at Olive Garden and saw The Good Lie. We also tried not to talk about Ivelina while we were out. It was wonderful!

In home school, Ivelina learned letter P. We made home made popcorn on the stove, and she made a popcorn collage.  She giggled and giggled when she heard and saw the popcorn bouncing around in the pot.

While we were out on our date, I was craving Krispy Kreme for dessert, so we brought a dozen doughnuts home. I got a special Jack-o-lantern doughnut for her and a hat. She wore it all day!

One day during home school, we went to a local produce stand and picked out one carving pumpkin and two small pumpkins for painting. She enjoyed painting them different colors.

We read SO many pumpkin books this month. This was her first look inside a real pumpkin.

Ivie's sheer delight as she touched the slimy pumpkin pulp. I was surprised that she didn't hesitate at all to get her hands dirty.

She was content to play in the pulp and separate the seeds into a bowl while I cut the face. Later, we baked the seeds.  I learned that carving pumpkin seeds aren't all that good to eat. They had good flavor, but they are super waxy and not all that crunchy. It was a fun cooking experiment though.
Me and Ivelina and our scary Jack-o-lantern.

We started formally learning shapes this month as well.  Ivelina seems to be catching on with some of the shape names already!

Now that it is getting colder outside, I thought learning letter Q for quilt would be appropriate this month. At the end of letter Q week, Ivelina used some of my flannel scraps to make a simple small quilt for her stuffed animals. She also did a lot of work with squares!

Working on a triangle puzzle.

Making a paper quilt.
Happy Halloween from our little fireman

She went through 3 mustaches before we went trick-or-treating-- two during trick-or-treat!


  1. Happy anniversary! Ivelina looks great and so happy. It warms my heart. :)

  2. Thanks, Becky! Being a fireman definitely made Ivie very happy!


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