Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Very late...but this is our September in Photos

We made a family field trip to the NC Zoo.  It was a wonderful time of year to visit. Not too crowded and all the animals were out and about since it wasn't very hot.

Taty and Ivelina observing alligators from the bridge.

We started a tradition of checking out a movie at the library each week that goes with our letter of the week. I introduced Ivelina to making a cozy pallet on the floor and popping popcorn for the movie. So far we have watched Racing Stripes for letter Z, Finding Nemo for letter F, A Turtle's Tale for letter T, and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for letter P. It's a great way to get her interested in the theme for the week!

For Labor Day, we ate hotdogs outside on our patio. Ivie loves eating outside. This is her silly I'm-eating-hotdogs-for-dinner face.

Another Ivelina silly face during our Labor Day cookout
First trip to the dentist!  I was nervous for Ivelina, but she was a champ, and I was so happy that she had no cavities...just some really dirty teeth that cleaned up nicely.

Mama and Ivelina at the zoo. This geyser exhibit was new to me and Ivie thought it was really cool!

That was our September!

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