Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our July in Photos

Because I know this next year will come with SO many firsts for Jeremy, Ivelina, and me, I am going to try to do a blog post each month just documenting all the fun, seasonal firsts that we experience all year long. 

July was our first full month as a family, so this is my first photo post. Summer is in full-swing here in NC, and though we spent our July staying pretty close to home, we did throw in some fun trips to the park, visits to the pool, and of course plenty of play time!

The first tricycle!

The first tricycle broke, so here's the second tricycle!

Lots of pretend play this month.  Here is Dr. Ivelina.

Yes, everyone in my family collects medical supplies for this girl. She can fly through some Bandaids and medical tape.
More pretend doctor play.
Ivelina pretty much likes all emergency services. Here she is pretending to be a cop. She thinks police are mean (we are trying to teach her otherwise), hence the very mean face she is giving. She really gets into character.

All the girls of the house watching Ivelina's favorite TV show, Emergency!

First time painting at home. Ivie dislikes coloring, but she loves painting!

First trip to the library!  Ivelina loves books with real photographs.

Ivelina made her first of many trips to the park this month. We all love the park!

Can you tell Taty is the fun parent?
My Bulgarian beauty on the swings.

More great exercise @ the park!

Ivelina's first weighted blanket (made by my talented mom). Ivelina loves it!  I actually like the way it feels too!
Ivelina's been to the big pool twice now, but this was her first time swimming without me holding onto her. She's a little fish!

She had fun in the kiddie pool as well in July.

More evidence that Taty is the fun!

First haircut since being home.

Just a little trim. We're growing her hair out so she can have a "tail"  aka pony tail

Ivelina went to all her grandparents' houses this month, and she had her first doctor's appointment. She's tried many new foods, and she had her first Chick-fil-a experience. She has been in the grocery store for like 5 minutes and was fascinated by all the food. She oohed and ahhhed as she walked by all the different ice cream. She has also made her first friend in our neighborhood, Anna. They like to race barefoot, and Ivie likes Anna's swing set.

That about wraps up our July. In August, we are looking forward to more swimming, a picnic, our first post-adoption home visit, and starting home school! 

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