Saturday, November 9, 2013

We are officially saving for travel!

The adoption process is so expensive!  It is a blessing that the required fees are spread out, though.  For us, the best way to tackle the fees was to focus on one at a time.  Save + raise funds for contracting-- done!  Then, save + raise funds for the home study--done!  Then, save + raise funds for the dossier fees -- done!  That's been our experience for this journey.  Sometimes we have had funds way before we needed them, but most often we have had just what we needed at just the perfect time.  Nerve-racking at times, but it has built patience and trust in us for sure.

When we began our Give One Save One fundraising week, we had received a matching grant months ago that we had been working hard to fund.  Our end of the bargain was to save + raise $2,500. Then, it would be matched to make $5,000.  We started last Monday with $1,682 already saved.  Then, we received two outside donations from friends totaling $300 that were to be used toward our grant.  As of this morning, many generous friends, family members, and strangers have helped us raise  $563 in just 5 days!  That. is. amazing.  

The grand total is now $2,545, which means we have fully funded our matching grant and are now raising money for travel!!!

Whew!  It feels so good to type that: we are raising money for travel.  That means we are so much closer to meeting Miss Ivelina. 

We don't exactly when our first trip will happen, but it could be before Christmas.  Or, it could be in early 2014.  We'll be sure to post about that when we know more.  Either way, we don't have too many months to come up with 3-4 thousand dollars.  As soon as we receive travel dates, we want to have the funds available to purchase our plane tickets right away, so the fundraiser is still on, y'all!

There are two days left in our Give One Save One week.  Your dollars are still greatly appreciated as we begin tackling our next financial goal-- travel.  Please visit the link below and check out our video story.  Then, give as God leads you.  Thank you!!

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