Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brittany's Hope Grant

We were recently awarded a matching $5,000 matching grant from an organization called Brittany's Hope!  

In order to receive the full amount, we are responsible for raising $2,500.  Then, Brittany's Hope will match that amount.  So, we have been thinking carefully about how we want to approach this segment of our fundraising.  I have decided to install a new fundraising thermometer in the sidebar of my blog so that we (and all of you) can keep up with our progress.  Any monetary gifts or fundraising profits we receive at this time are going toward meeting this fundraising goal.  

This means if you have previously considered supporting our adoption, now is the time to do it!  Every dollar donated toward our adoption right now is being matched.  So giving $5 is like us receiving $10, and giving $20 is like us receiving $40!!  You can give securely through our Paypal link to the right.

Here's our plan for raising the needed funds for this grant:

1.  Saturday, July 13th we are having a fundraiser car wash and bake sale at our local Advance Auto Parts.  Local friends and family, you can help by donating baked goods, volunteering to wash cars for an hour or so, and by stopping by with your dirty car so we can wash it for you! 

2.  We are continuing to sell our Adoption Bug T-shirts.  They are super cute and comfy.  Local and distant friends can be a part of this on-going fundraiser event!  Just visit our t-shirt store here

3.  Coming soon:  We are making plans to be the featured family on the Give One Save One Europe blog!  We are working on our family's video right now and hope to be featured late this summer.  Meanwhile, check out the blog and support this week's family.  Anyone can afford to give $1!

That's it!  Between these three fundraisers and money I earn from continuously selling things through Facebook and consignment, we hope to meet our goal of raising $2,500!  This grant is a tremendous blessing, and we want to earn every dollar of it that we can.  

We want to thank the many of you who have supported us in so many ways.  Many of you have given multiple times to our adoption, and we can't thank you enough.  We just hope one day to return the generosity.

Thanks for reading,
~ Shelly

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