Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ivelina's Room....step one done!

Step One to creating a little space for Miss Ivelina was to give her room a fresh paint job.  Because she may not be used to tons of visual stimulation in her orphanage, we wanted her room to be cheerful but simple and not too loud or busy.  

I got some inspiration from this photo on Pinterest:

Then, my cousin sent out her baby shower invites, and I loved the color scheme.  We used this as our color palette:

BEFORE fresh coat of paint.  A little dark, I thought.

A fresh coat of cream brightened the room.  Then I used a stencil that I made to trace triangle flags all around the top of the room.  I just eye-balled the spacing between the flags.  I taped the edges with painters tape to hopefully make clean lines.  This was quite a time consuming job!

We purchased sample sizes of our colors and had plenty of paint in the samples to fill each flag with two coats of paint.

I used a little of two different kinds of painters tape.  I was NOT happy with Scotch Blue painters tape!  When the tape came off, I had a lot of touch up work to do due to paint bleed.  This did not happen in places where I used Frog Tape (the green kind).  Frog Tape is worth it!

Finally, I used some of the tan paint and a tiny brush to free-hand paint a thin string between each flag to bring them together.  It's hard to see in the photos.

 After touch ups!  The flags are done!  My dog, Josey, couldn't wait to get in the room that she had been banned from for the week.

While I worked on the room paint, Jeremy gave this toy box two fresh coats of white semi-gloss paint.  It was originally my niece's; it was unfinished and had some crayon marks on it.  Now it looks brand new, and we are making a colorful cushion to place on top!

Here's the finished product!  The mirror is an antique mirror that belonged to my grandparents.  Step Two will be furniture!  Hopefully in June, we will get to do a little shopping for a bed and a dresser.

We can't wait until this room is filled with the sights and sounds of Ivelina.  We hope she loves having her very own space!

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  1. Love it!

    And yes, Frog tape is always the way to go for jobs like this one. We did some stripes in our kids' room and were so lucky someone told us about Frog tape before we started.

  2. I have that photo pinned as well! It is sooo cute! I love what you guys are doing with her room :) I get more and more excited for you guys with every blog post I read. Praying for her and you guys as you prepare to bring her to join your sweet family! <3

  3. Her room is going to be adorable! Love the flags! And I learned about Frog Tape the hard way too....definitely worth it!

  4. Oh, I love the flags!!!! Just adorable!

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I'll post more pics as we get furniture and other decor set up. Fun, fun!


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