Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home Study

Our home study meetings have begun!

Our first meeting with our home study social worker was held today in our home.  I took the advice of all of my friends who have walked this road before us and went easy on the house cleaning.  Of course, we made sure everything was presentable and smelling fresh, but I didn't scrub my bathtub, clean out the fridge, or clean behind large furniture!  ha!  

The meeting was very pleasant and relaxed just like everyone assured us it would be.  Our social worker visited with us for about an hour, and we just simply got to know each other.  I thought it was neat that she and her husband have adopted two children domestically.  We gave her a short tour of our home, and that was it!  We will have at least four contacts with her, and we already have the next one scheduled for next week!  She is required to meet with both of us separately, so Jeremy's up first.  He will be doing his one-on-one meeting at the coffee shop on Valentine's Day!  My one-on-one should be held the following week.  We should have all of our meetings wrapped up by the end of the month!  

Our home study social worker will then write an official home study report about us, our family, and our home.  This report will be part of our Dossier documents that will be due in April.  The Dossier will be sent to Bulgaria to be translated, and it will help the folks in Bulgaria match us with a child. 


  1. Thanks for the update! Our first visit is tomorrow morning! I will try to follow your lead and avoid moving any heavy furniture tonight as we clean our home!

  2. This is the part that scares me so much! Trying not to overthink it.


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