Friday, January 18, 2013

Home study initial paper work- - Check!

Thankfully, we finally were able to send off our initial paper work and fees for our home study this week!

There were quite a lot of items on that checklist, and we still have a few things we will need to complete by the time the home study is finalized.  Still, it felt great to get that big envelope mailed to our home study agency this week. 

Once we finish our 4 visits with our social worker, our home study will be finalized, and then we will be able to apply for adoption grants.  Yippee!

Our next focus is to finish up our adoptive parent education courses and get fingerprinted.  

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  1. Yay! One more thing checked of the to do list!

    1. Hey Katie! I finally posted my review of Adopted for Life with a link up to your blog. What a great read!


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