Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After...

Our Christmas was a wonderful time spent with all of our family and celebrating Jesus, our savior!

However, we couldn't help but think of the missing member of our family.  I know we are still very early in the adoption process, but I still think of "our child" almost every day.  I wonder what he/she is doing and where he/she is.  Especially on Christmas, we were wondering what our child's Christmas was like in Bulgaria.  Was he/she warm (because it's probably snowing there)?  Did he/she receive a gift? Probably not, as orphanage kids do not typically have any personal possessions?  Did someone love on him or her? Maybe so, the orphanage workers in Bulgaria do the best they can to care for so many children, but it's still not the same as spending Christmas with a loving family?  Does our child know what Christmas is all about?  Probably not.  He or she will probably learn about Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection from us. 

So this Christmas, something (someone) felt missing, and although we are trying not to expect our little one to be with us by next year, we do know that adoption is a crazy journey and having our son or daughter with us by Christmas 2013 is definitely a possibility.  What a wonderful gift that would be!  Today, I pray for our child in Bulgaria, and I pray that he/she knows that someone is loving  and longing and working hard to bring him or her home!  I also pray for my friends who are in the adoption trenches right along with us right now.  Some are just beginning to dream of adopting a little one into their family, while some have been literally waiting for years.  Hang in there!  Keep praying and know that God's timing is perfect, and He will bring that perfect little one into your family at just the perfect time!

And now, I have one last push for our current fundraiser:  graphic prints!!  Our next step in the adoption is to submit all of our home study paperwork sometime in early January.  We literally only need two more items and $1,300.  Of course, I want to get all of this submitted as soon as possible because that just enables us to move a little closer to our child.  Our friend's sale of graphic prints ends on December 31st!  That means there's less than a week to get yours!  If you were thinking about buying one but haven't done so yet, this is the time!  Remember, five dollars from every print sold goes directly to our adoption fund! 

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  1. I am with you! Looking forward to the day when we have Christmas with some special people who just happened to be born in Bulgaria!


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