Thursday, September 13, 2012

ahhh...the blessing of work!

Just a quick post that's sort-of adoption-related:

I have been blessed with work!  About a month ago, I blogged about losing part of my teaching hours.  I was pretty bummed.  Well, those have now been replaced with tutoring hours!

I have recently been offered a few more hours at one of my part-time jobs.  This officially puts me working back at full-time status for the first time since I resigned from teaching in June 2010.  This blessing of work definitely comes at a great time while we are in this season of saving funds for our adoption.

Although I am thankful and excited about the increase in my work hours, I am a little concerned about my sanity.  Full-time work hours plus at least another 18 or so hours spent on seminary work throughout the week is gonna be crazy!  Are there even enough hours in the week for all of this?

I feel God's Providence playing out in my life right now, though.  God knew this season was upon us.  He has placed me in just the right jobs for this time in my life.  He has allowed me the flexibility to have  Mondays off to devote to seminary classes, He continues to increase my income just enough to help with our adoption savings, and I must say that He knew this season of seminary would be easier without a bunch of little ones running around our house.  I absolutely could not do seminary full-time and work both of my jobs if we already had children.  As much I want our adoption process to speeeeed up, God knows what timing is best for us.  I can see Him working out all the details so that we can work & save, prepare for full-time ministry, and proceed with adoption all at the same time.  Only God could work out these details in the way that He has.

Feeling pretty thankful:
for my jobs
for my co-workers
for transportation
for my sweet husband (who also works crazy hours and is a full-time seminary student)
for our supportive family members
for my home
for my church family
for my many dear friends who are praying for and supporting our adoption
for our little one who very well could already be living on the other side of the world
and I am thankful for my Father who provides, disciplines, guides, forgives, saves, listens, and loves.


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