Monday, July 2, 2012

Saturday in Sudan


So, Day 6 was Saturday, and the teams worked hard again all day long at their church sites.  In Kiri, me, Jeremy, Amanda, and our nationals did the same routine of walk, walk, walk, meet, meet, share, share, share, and pray, pray pray.  We did not see any new believers today, but we witnessed to many people.  One family in particular was a new experience for me!

We walked up to a family's home and there were already 2-3 men sitting out under a mango tree in the shade.  I knew as soon as we arrived that they were drinking.  The smell is like none other!  They had a brown glass bottle and a dirty little cup they were sharing.  We asked if we could talk with them about God and they agreed.  Slowly, several more people pulled up a chair.  I shared the gospel while Johnson translated.  After sharing, one-by-one the men started conversations with Johnson that I couldn't understand.  I just sat back and watched these middle-aged men drink their alcohol while they debated with Johnson-- it was definitely something I have not done before-- witnessing to drunk men! 

It turns out that one of the men said that he did not live there and would need to get his wife and talk it over with her before deciding to give his life to Christ.  The other man just wasn't in the mindset to make that decision that day. 

There was a lady who had come by as well as a man that had brought his Bible.  He was already a believer!  We spoke one-on-one with the lady next.  She was torn because she knew about Jesus, she wanted to follow Him, but she felt she couldn't.  And here is the sad thing that happens in so many places in the world.  This lady's only means of making a living was brewing and selling the alcohol that those men were drinking.  She knew following Christ would mean that she would have to give up that lifestyle, and she was scared that she would not be able to find another source of income. 

Thankfully, in Kajo Keji, there is a great ministry called Seed Effect.  They specialize in providing small personal loans for people to use in order to start up a small business.  They provide means for a lady like we met today to turn away from a lifestyle that is not pleasing to God and learn a new trade that is honorable.  We toured Seed Effect, and here are some photos I took.  They were having a sewing class when I was there...I really enjoyed talking to these ladies and seeing their projects that they were working on. 

sewing machines that people can get a loan for to start a sewing business
Seed Effect front entrance.
These ladies were right in the middle of sewing class.                 

It was a great Saturday in Sudan.  Tomorrow, I will blog the lively and interesting Sunday Service we attended @ Kiri New Life Baptist Church

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