Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leaving ...on a prop plane

DAY 11

Day 11 was Thursday, and it was a busy day.  We got ourselves ready and had a photo shoot at Kaya's compound.  Here's a shot of all the peeps from Southeastern.

We loaded up our stuff and headed over to a local market to walk around while we waited for our flight time.  (The MAF flights only come in a couple times a day, and it's always an approximate time)  Right as we approached the market, we all saw a prop plane in the sky and thought it was coming for us.  We headed quickly over the air field only to find that it was dropping off some other folks and not taking us.  We actually had to wait around quite a while. 

Something I learned:  those propellers are serious!  Don't stand anywhere near a prop plane getting ready for take off or you will get dust and rocks in every crevice on your body!  I was resting on our bus with the windows OPEN and got pelted! 

Finally, we split up onto two planes.  Our flight back to Uganda was longer than the other group's because we had to make an extra stop to drop off medical supplies to a missionary doctor. 

We were sad to say our goodbyes and leave Sudan, but once we left and were in the air, I think we were all looking forward to our day in Uganda. 

Now, remember, on the journey in, my impression of Uganda was that it was a little primitive and a little dusty and dirty, but not so bad.  Going back to Entebbe after being in Sudan all week brought a fresh perspective.  I walked into our somewhat cool room and took one look at our own full size bed and private bathroom complete with a sink and a flushing toilet, and I thought we were at the Hilton.  I felt much more relaxed knowing that we had a door and a few modern comforts and less bugs and less heat and did I mention ...A TOILET!  Yay! I say this not to paint Sudan in a negative light at all, but being there and going back to a less-remote area made me very thankful for the simple modern technologies that I take for granted.  No matter how much I loved our ministry time in Sudan, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my bathroom and bed back home!

That evening, our team leader was so kind to make reservations for our group at a beach-front restaurant on Lake Victoria.  I'm not even sure I should share these photos.  One look and you'll think we were really in the Caribbean all this time and not suffering for Jesus in Africa.  It was beautiful, and we even got cold as the night settled in and the lake breeze picked up.

We were so tired and ready to eat pizza that we (Tess and Amanda)  got a little silly!

After a big meal of pizza, we headed back to the hotel for rest.  Boy, did I sleep good that night.  Next post:  visiting Kampala!

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