Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday & Tuesday in Sudan

It was Monday, and many of the girls from our team went to help at the women's conference held at First Baptist Kajo Keji.  So, it was just me and Jeremy heading out with our nationals into Kiri village.

We decided to suggest to our nationals to have an afternoon discipleship time Tuesday afternoon and spend the day evangelizing and inviting everyone we meet to the Bible study tomorrow.  We walked to many homes and shared the gospel and invited many people to Tuesday's Bible study time.  Today looked and felt much like our previous ministry days.

By this point in our trip, I felt myself gently becoming more accustomed to the climate, the culture, the walking, and the people.  I was really beginning to treasure our new friendships with Robert, Samuel, and Johnson.  I was also beginning to dread leaving on Wednesday.  =(

On Tuesday, it was just me and Amanda along with our nationals.  It was Jeremy's turn to teach at the local Bible College.  A guy or two from our team taught each day.

Jeremy taught on Creator-centered worship as opposed to creation-centered worship.  He began with a study in Genesis chapter 1-2 and also looked at some passages from the Psalms.  He taught for the morning, while our trip leader, Steve, taught for the afternoon.  Jeremy said that he had about 14 students, and that they were very attentive and involved.  They asked good questions and seemed to be interested in what was being presented.  It was Jeremy's first classroom teaching experience.  Overall, he had a great day!
This was Jeremy's classroom

Meanwhile, back in Kiri, Amanda and I visited several new homes, but today we allowed Johnson, Samuel, and Robert to use our evangecubes.  We handed over the reigns so that they did most of the witnessing and ministry.  They each did an awesome job!

In the afternoon, we headed over to Kiri New Life Baptist Church and waited under the mango tree for some folks to hopefully show up for Bible study time.  We had already discussed some passages to study with the people.  We really thought no one was going to show up, but then Emmanuel Tako arrived!  Emmanuel had accepted Christ back on Friday and had chosen to turn away from a lifestyle of alcoholism.  He showed up to our study sober and ready to learn.  The nationals began reading a passage from 1 Peter with him, when another young lady showed up.  They split up and made two groups.  We discovered that Emmanuel could not read, so Samuel took him aside studying the scripture but also teaching him how to read!  Johnson and Robert worked with the young lady.
Robert, Jeremy, & Emmanuel Tako

Our format for Bible study was simple:
  1. Read Passage out loud
  2. Ask, "What did you notice?" or "What was your favorite part?"
  3. Ask, "Were there any parts that were confusing?"  Address those.
  4. Ask, "What does this passage teach us about God?"
  5. Ask, "What does this passage teach us about man?"
  6. Ask, "How can you apply this story to your life?"
  7. Ask, "Who else do you know that you needs to hear this story?
Pretty simple, but effective!  After our Bible study meeting under the tree, we suggested that Samuel and the other church leaders make this a weekly event.  My prayer is that even though we are gone now, Samuel is still encouraging the people to meet under the tree for afternoon discipleship.

When we returned to our compound, I found Jeremy playing football with David Kaya's adorable son, Mike.  
 Check out how he throws.  You cannot possibly watch this without smiling!

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