Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where to Go?

As students at a "Great Commission" seminary, we will have many opportunities to travel nearby and abroad for Christian missions opportunities.  Jeremy and I have decided early on that we would like to take one trip per year.  Recently, we learned about the 2012 missions destinations and we are now in the process of deciding where God would most want us to go.  I'm sure every trip is wonderful, but these are our current options:
Bangladesh:  This trip would be focused on sharing Jesus with a Muslim people group that is less than 1% evangelized.  This trip is a little daunting.  It's definitely an unknown part of the world for me and it would definitely put me out of my comfort zone ....not that that's a bad thing!  This trip costs $2700 per person.  Also daunting!

South Sudan:  This trip is very different.  Its primary focus would be partnering with Sudanese Bible students to share Jesus in schools, homes, markets and help them serve at a local church plant.  The second purpose of the trip would be to actually provide these Bible students with teaching, instruction, tools, and resources for them to carry on with their ministry after we leave.  The teacher in me likes this one a lot!  The trip costs $3750 per person.

Brazil:  Our home church, Salem Baptist Church, already has an on-going ministry in Brazil.  We have friends at our church who serve as missionaries there and our church is helping plant a church in the Amazon, so I'm at least a little more familiar with this part of the world, but I have never been able to travel to Brazil.  This trip is focused on implementing a way of sharing Jesus that uses "evangecubes" and keyboard music lessons.  I am not musical at all (Jeremy is a bit) but we just learned that you do not have to be musical to participate in this ministry opportunity.  It sounds really interesting!  The cost of this trip is $3000 per person.

Last but not least:
New York City:  I actually have been to New York City, but Jeremy has not.  This trip involves street evangelism and working either at a new church plant or helping to actually plant an urban church.  The group would be working with North American Mission Board missionaries.  The cost of this trip is only $900.

At this point, we lean more toward one of the international options.  The prices for those are crazy expensive, but we know from experience that ministry costs money and God provides it!  (It's His money anyway!)  Since we plan to take a mission trip as often as we can, we plan on becoming a fundraising family!  This blog will partly be used as a fundraising hub for our missions, and as a place to reflect on our daily mission to reflect Jesus and share the Gospel with those we come in contact with.

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  1. I loved reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel! The Indian trip sounds fantastic to me! My sorority works with a group called "As Our Own" that is based in India and works on pulling women out of sex trafficking. Lord willing it's on my list of places to go! There's a guy at my school who is from Sudan! I love getting to talk to him about it! When is Salem going to Brazil and how long will they be there? You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!


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